BRNO Lvl III+ Stand Alone ballistic panel

General information

Our BRNO AR600T Level III+ body Stand Alone armor is designed to stop multiple rifle round hits with a velocity of over 3,100 FPS and hit energy of over 3300 J including 7,62×51, 7,62×39 and 5.56×45 caliber rounds (NATO Ball/M80, M855/SS109, FMJ/PC/SC) all this without a need of additional soft ballistic inserts. BRNO AR600T Body Armor is meant to be used in bulletproof vests or plate carriers and its special shape ensures comfortable use even when shooting pistol or rifle. Ballistic plate itself is sealed inside special polymer FragStop Built-Up coating providing protection against subsequent bullet fragments after bullet hit so no other Aramid or other material pocket is needed for safe use of our panels. FragStop coating also provides 30+ years of maintenance-free shelf life and additional protection against mechanical, chemical, heat and cold impact on the panel.

Used AR600T ballistic steel provides around 20% of weight reduction in comparison with commonly used AR500 ballistic steel of the same level of ballistic protection which has significant impact on comfort and mobility of the user. Used ballistic steel provides unparalleled multi-hit capability and life time compared to ceramic or polyethylene armor.

Technical specification

Protected area: front, back of the torso
Protection level Level III+ Stand Alone (exceeds NIJ0101.06 Level III) 
Panel shape: curved
Material: certified ballistic steel
Certification authority: State testing laboratory for weapons and security material, Ulm, Germany, Certificate No. DSM 02 142
Size: 10×12”, SAPI S, M, L, XL
Thickness: 12 mm (5 mm steel, 7 mm coating)
Weight: 3200 g (7.0 lbs incl. Built-Up coating – 10”x12” size) 
Coating: Built-Up FragStop anti-fragmentation coating
Mechanical testing: Brinell hardness test according to EN ISO 6506-1  
Charpyimpact test: according to EN ISO 148
Ultrasonic testing: according to EN ISO 10 160 Class E3 S3
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