Services Production and Modernization of Military Technology

We ensure the production and modernization of military technology and materials on a customer’s request.

The professional staff and specialists with longtime experiences provide the service of military and special technology not only in own country but also abroad.

Unique technological equipment, jigs and test equipments enable to ensure a complete range of services and testing the ground technology.

Repairs of Military Technology

The main production program is the ensuring of the life cycle of ground military and special technology, ie. production, modernization and reconstruction, ensuring of all levels of repairs until the eco-friendly disposal of the redundant technology. The defectation, warranty and post warranty service, preservation and storage of the technology are part of services. On customer´s request we can ensure the staff training for operating, maintenance and repairs.

We offer above mentioned services especially for the following technology

  • All vehicles on chassis BMP: BMP-1, BMP-2, VPV, BPzV, AMB-S, OT-90 (M1, M2), DP-90, DTP-90 (M) etc.; in collaboration with other subjects service of modernized or newly produced bodies on chassis BMP: LOS, PzPK Sněžka, VOV-1p, VOV-2p, BMP-2V, OT-R5 (M, M1), MPP-40p, PRAM etc.
  • Wheeled personal carriers: OT-64 (incl. all modifications), BRDM-2 rch, wheeled armoured police vehicle OKV.
  • Engineer-combat equipment: chassis T-815, T-813, T-148, bridge vehicle AM-50, bridge transporter PM-55, pontoon bridge kit PMS, bulldozer D-686, DZ-110, wheeled load carrier KN-251, universal loader UN-053, universal finishing machines UDS-110a, UDS-114a, UDS-214a, tracked amphibious transporter (beetle) PTS-10, power units EC 4 kW until 60 kW, water treatment unit ÚV-2000, demining unit Božena etc.
  • Vehicles Land Rover: Land Rover Defender 90, 110, 130 (TDI SW off-road, TDI ST off-road, TD5 SW off-road, ST TD5 off-road, TDI SW HT Mili, TDI Military A2, TDI Medical, TD5 Medical etc.)
  • Trailers and low-bed semi-trailers: PV 06-04, PV 16-12, PAJ 1, P50N, P50 etc.
  • PVO technology: locator 1S91 (M1, M2) on chassis GM-568, launching equipment 2P25 (M1, M2) on chassis GM-578, charging transporter 2T7 on chassis ZIL 131, combat vehicle 9A 34 (M), 9A 35 (M) on chassis MTLB, combat vehicle 9A 33 BM2 on chassis BAZ 5937, charging transporter 9T 217 BM2 on chassis BAZ 5939 etc.
  • Other technology: rocket launcher RM-70, Shk 152, T-55, VT-55, T-72, D30, ballistic resistant container for mobile workplace IEDD/EOD.

Selected repairs of main subgroups and parts

  • Engines including injection pumps: UTD-20, 5D20B-300, V-54, V-55, D-6, V6M, V-46.6, JAMZ- 236, JAMZ-238V, JAMZ-238N, line T-928, line T-930, GAZ-41, GAZ-49, LIAZ M634, M 637, and ZETOR etc.
  • Transmission gear units: BMP, MTLB, T-55, OT-64, KN-251 etc.
  • Terminal transmissions: BMP and MTLB etc.
  • Dampers: BMP, BRDM, MTLB and T-55 etc. Pneumatic components and valves, hydraulic components, electrical components including cable harness, optical devices, internal and external fasteners, hulls and mechanical parts of vehicles.
  • Weapons: 2A28 (73 mm), 2A42 (30 mm), CZ30 (30 mm), KPVT (14,5 mm), NSVT and DŠKM (12,7 mm), PKT (7,62 mm), turret ensembles, BMP-1, BMP-2, BTR-60 etc.

Engineering Production

The production focuses on parts of building, agriculture and other machines. On customer´s request we are able to realize a single-part production according to supplied documentation.

The technological equipment enables the preparation and dividing of materials, cutting and bending of metal sheets, welding of parts and construction subgroups and groups, machining on CNC machines, preparation and painting, pre-assembly, assembly, testing and packaging of products.

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