CZ30, 30 mmAutomatic Cannon

30 mm automatic cannon is designed to destroy lightly armored targets up to 1500 m, sets PTRS, armored equipment and live force the enemy to a distance of 4000 m and air targets flying at low altitudes. The gun CZ 30 is suitable for infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2, BMP-3 and is equipped with recoil damping system. Cannon CZ 30 C is also possible to install in helicopters MI-28, Ka-50 and Ka-52. It can also be equipped in naval helicopter Ka-29TB.

Basic technical data

Length 3 027 mm
Pitch 715.5 mm
Rate of fire – high min. 550 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 880 m/s (AP-T) – 1120 m/s (APDS)
Range armor 1 500 m
Range ground 2 500 m
Range air 3 000 m
Barrel weight 38.5 kg
Recoil force 40-50 kN
Voltage of electric trigger source 27 + 2-5 V
Feeding double-belt
Reloading pyro or manual
Number of pyro charges 3
Force of manual loading up to 400 N
Ammunition APDS, AP-T, HE, HEI, HE-T, HETP-T, TP
Weight 116.5 kg
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